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AQA gcse Additional Science Exam Preparation


Learn about cell structure and function. Identify the key features of specialised cells.
Plants are vital for life on Earth. Find out why photosynthesis is so important.
Food chains and cycles
Use food chains and webs to show complex feeding relationships and understand how nutrients are recycled.
Enzymes and digestion
From a Big Mac to faeces, find out how digestion breaks down our food, and the role of enzymes in controlling our chemical reactions.
Homeostasis covers controlling temperature, blood sugar, water and ions.
Cell division and inheritance
Practice interpreting genetic diagrams and understand how we inherit our features.


Atomic structure and bonding
Atomic structure, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, different substances and their properties
Chemical calculations
Relative atomic mass, relative formula mass, isotopes, percentage composition, conservation of mass, percentage yield
Chemical reactions
Rates of reaction, energy changes and reversible reactions, reversible reactions
Ions in solution
Electrolysis, acids, bases and salts


Forces and motion
Representing motion, force, mass and acceleration, weight and friction, kinetic energy and momentum
Static electricity, circuits, resistance and resistors, mains electricity
Atoms and isotopes, background radiation, nuclear fission and fusion


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