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Dr L Unsworth
Experienced Science tutor able to offerScience tutoring in GCSE Physics.

I am a graduate of Salford University and teach full time in Southport. I have also been a private tutor since 2003 offering tuition to GCSE pupils and A Level students as well as undergraduates. My main priorities are to put the pupil at ease, determine areas of weakness and to ensure that pupils have a firm understanding of the basic principles involved. This then allows the pupil to build upon that knowledge and explore the more difficult concepts.

Tuition can take place either at the pupil's home or at my home (where there may be fewer distractions). My lessons are tailored to suit each student's individual needs with particular emphasis on exam practice and technique.

Contact me on info@iteachscience.co.uk or call me on 07928 082748


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